This is how our brand will grow even stronger

August Schelin. Foto: Jacob Obstfeldter.

August Schelin is president of Handelshögskolan i Göteborgs studentkår, HHGS. He explains how the student union of Handels will grow towards their future ambitions of becoming even stronger as a brand. One decision is already stated - all communication will from now on be in English.

One of HHGS main ambitions during 2018 is to create a sense of community and a strong brand. In corporations around Sweden, as well as the world, one of the ways this is done is by creating an Employer Value Proposition, or EVP for short. What this means is that companies actively work with their internal branding and the culture in order to attract the best and brightest employees by making sure that the workplace is attractive both physically and socially. At HHGS, we figured that this might as well be applicable to an organization such as ours, with the main difference being that our “employees” are our members.

Why now you might ask? In light of the big reconstruction coming up in 2020 and the fact that HHGS will lose its office during the fall semester of 2019 we figured it was time to invest in some intangible values, such as an EVP, which is exactly what we have done. HHGS has partnered up with a company called Oddwork, founded by alumni from the school and will together with them, as well as a group of members, identify a lowest common denominator for HHGS members and build our EVP from there.

The goal is to set up a series of core values with which as many members as possible identify and make sure that these values permeate all the activities that HHGS hosts and engages in. To exemplify; one of Oddwork’s core values is lack of prestige. The way they make sure this reaches out to everyone is by having a shoe-free office, so whether you are a regular employee or CEO of a big company; when you step into their office you take off your shoes. 

A question we faced when taking this decision is how we were going to make sure that our EVP reaches the very edges of an organization as big as ours. After discussing the issue back and forth we came up with the idea to set up a fund from which associations can request financial support for events that clearly relate and take into consideration our future EVP. This way we make more people aware of our EVP, make the values reach further out into the organization and hopefully create this long sought after sense of community.

Furthermore, we hope that this project will make HHGS members ambassadors of the organization and its values, as we will strive to make our EVP something that everyone can relate to.

A strong set of values and a solid EVP is one of several ways that we will ensure that there is a strong sense of community and that the HHGS brand grows stronger, both internally and externally.

August Schelin
President HHGS 2018

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