Do you know what to do, who to call and if ypu are insured, if an emergency occures at the University? Here are some of the answears.

If an emergency occurs – head of security department Leif Bouvins instructions

Do you know what to do, who to call and if you are insured, if an emergency occures at university? Here are some of the answers.

- In case of emergency dial the national emergency number 112

- If a less urgent matter occur on office hours contact your campus department
or the campus security group. If something emerges after office hours or weekends call the universitys alarm center at number 031 -786 71 55. The alarm center can help you get in touch with safety guards and Property service center.

- If your matter regards burglary or other alarms, contact the alarm center.

- The human resources unit is responsible of organizing crisis management when incidents occur. The university has agreements via company healthcare services for employees and Akademihälsan, i.e. academic healthcare center, for students. You can find the contact information at Gul.

- Gothenburg municipality can provide with social care resources if bigger accidents occur.

- Employees have insurance via company injury insurance and students have insurance via both company injury insurance and personal injury insurance. 

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